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Varsity Social Service Club
Phillips University

Comet Ladies and the Men of Varsity:

It’s time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Phillips University and re-unite with your fellow club members and Phillips Friends.  Plan to  re-visit the Phillips campus, meet your old (and some new) friends and trade some treasured memories.   The first weekend of August  2007 will be one to remember.  Phillips University Alumni from all decades will be in town and on-campus.

As part of the 100th Anniversary celebration, the two greatest Phillips Social Service Clubs; Comets and Varsity have united to bring excitement to the weekend for their members, Little Sisters and Brothers and their guests.    Remember, you’re never a Varsity of Comet alumni; you’re a member for life !!!

Our weekend  will begin with a casual reception at the Frisco Bar and Grill on Thursday evening, August 2nd.   We have reserved the garden area for Comet ladies, Varsity men and their special guests.  Enjoy snacks and beverages as you catch up with old friends and meet new ones.    As a special closing to the evening, we’ll hold club circles at 10PM.

Friday, August 3rd will be filled with multiple gatherings sponsored by the Phillips University Alumni and Friends Association, (PUAFA).  Their website holds a complete calendar of locations for events for the entire family.

Friday evening, we’ll host our Comet-Varsity dinner at the Mark Price Arena.  This beautifully restored building is part of historical downtown Enid and will provide a great spot for a relaxing dinner, quiet music and some special announcements.  Once again, we’ll hold circle at the close and adjourn to the Frisco Bar and Grill garden area for FAC, (remember those initials ??).  Those with families are welcome to enjoy the Mark Price arena until 11PM.

Saturday, the 4th,  Varsity and Comets will return again to the Phillips campus for a picnic buffet, visits to the buildings and a walk on the grounds.   The campus is ours for the afternoon.  Bring a blanket, lawn chairs and your children for a great time.     The other Phillips clubs will be on campus so expect to see some old friends, (or even show your spouse your old dorm room !!)

Saturday evening will host a PUAFA dance, banquet, and a variety of events that are open to all alumni and guests. Attend the ones you chose and join us later in the Garden area of the Frisco Bar and Grill.

Please see the PUAFA website for the entire weekend schedule (www.puafa.org), read our detailed information and begin planning to attend.   We have over 60 attendees already registered and expect to double or triple that number.  Please let us hear from you !!!

We want to make your time in Enid with your club brothers/sisters one to remember.

The Comet and Varsity Schedule of Events

  • Thursday, August  2nd (5PM - ??)
    • Frisco Bar and Grill
    • Rear Garden Area
    • 608 North Independence (580-234-1580)
    • Club Circle   10PM
  • Friday,  August 3rd (5:30PM to 10PM)
    • Mark Price Arena (Dinner)
    • Downtown Enid
    • Located on the block behind the Conference Center
    • 123 West Maine
    • Flaming V Club Circle 8PM
  • FAC (9PM to ??)
    • Frisco Bar and Grill (Possibly Mark Price Arena)
    • Club Circle   10PM
  • Saturday, August 4th  NOON
    • Phillips Campus  (Picnic Lunch)
    • Under the trees Admin Building

The details you need to know:

Phillips University Alumni and Friends for a complete schedule of weekend events, hotels, directions and contacts:  WWW.PUAFA.org

Friday evening dinner cost is $15 per person and BYOB, lunch is $15 per person.  Or $25 for both events. 

Please help us by contacting us with your plans.  Pre-payment options are appreciated and available on the Varsity website.  We have to provide an accurate count for our caterer and planners ahead of time.  We really want you to come  !!!!

Blankets, chairs, insect repellent and sunscreen would be recommended for the noon picnic on campus. No alcohol allowed.

All Comet-Varsity events are open for attendance by members, Lil’ Sisters and Brothers, spouses and guests.  The noon picnic is a special time to bring along your children to meet your college friends.